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Accomodation and travel

For more information about accomodation and how to travel to Tärnaby. Please visit Hemavan Tärnabys official website: www.hemavantarnaby.se.

Team and hospitality information:

According to FIS regulations (rule # 608), official delegations in the U16 and U14 category will be lodged free of charge, according to the following parameters:

1 to 3 athletes: 1 free team coach, 4-6 athletes 2 free team coaches. That means: maximum 8 persons from each team are entitled free hospitality.

Hospitality includes stay from April 20th to April 23rd 2017 in hotel/apt, meals, skipass for Tärnaby. Travel expenses will be paid for by each federation. Only entries made by official federation will be accepted for international racers. The National Ski Associations, are asked to make a list of their entrance according to their ability; the best competitor in the first place, followed by the others in order of merit. 

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Team Fjällvinden


Kansliet informerar:

Copyright hela hemsidan: Tärna IK Fjällvinden

Kansliets öppettider Må-Fre 8.30-17.00

SE24 8000 0842 0251 3236 6005

Tärna IK Fjällvinden - Skidor
Västra Strandvägen 1
92064 Tärnaby

Västra Strandvägen 1
92064 Tärnaby

Tel: 0954-101 09
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